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If you’re searching for a safe pet collar for your cat, we’ve got some helpful information to make your search easier. A cat safety collar prevents cats and kittens from getting stuck or trapped, when outdoors or any unsafe situation. In this article, we’ll talk about cat safe collars, discuss some of the top manufacturers, and explore some of the best options when it comes to a safe collar for pet.

Cats are exceptionally curious, which explains why they’re constantly getting stuck in trees and other spots outdoors. Cat safe collars are designed to protect the cat from being choked or strangled in the event that the cat becomes entangled in something and can’t get out. There are two types of safety collars for cats that both assist in keeping your cat safe.

The first type of cat safety collar is the breakaway collar. Breakaway collars feature a clever design that releases quickly when a small amount of pressure is applied, such as the cat, hanging from a tree branch. The clasp will release, which quickly gets kitty out of a possibly desperate situation. This type of safe collar for pet can truly be a lifesaver. There are also breakaway options with flea control, as well.

The other safe collar option features the traditional buckle or fastener and an elastic panel that stretches when pulled or stuck on something. This quickly releases the cat from whatever predicament your feline friend has gotten itself into. For the safest option, possible, choose an option that combines the two, featuring both the breakaway option along with an elastic panel.

To provide the most safety possible, try using some of these helpful safety tips:

Whether you’re using a safety collar or a traditional collar, it’s very important that the collar fits the pet, correctly.

If the collar is too loose, there is a danger of getting snagged on something and risk of injury is possible.

Your pet can also wiggle free from her collar, easier with a loosely fitting collar. In addition, the collar should never be too tight. This could cause hair loss, injury, or breathing problems. A simple rule for checking the tightness of the collar is to see if you can fit two fingers underneath the collar while the cat is wearing it. If you can, typically, this means that it’s a nice, secure fit.

There are several high-quality manufacturers of cat safety collars that offer only the safest products for your pet. All of these manufacturers design top-quality collars made with only the best materials to ensure that your pet is always safe. These manufacturers include, Safe Pet, Safe Cat, Coastal, Safety Stretch, Four Paws, even Harley Davidson. One especially recommended tip for pets that are outdoors at night, often, is to use a reflective collar on them, as well.

These types of cat collars put any pet owner’s mind at ease. When you purchase one of these safe collars, you can rest assured that your cat will be safe and able to get out of any difficult situation. Choose a Safe Pet collar, today and keep your pet, safe and unharmed.

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